The absolute lie is nowadays what is considered to be the obvious. This happens because everyone conceives as true what the basic Greek parties agree to. Everybody thinks that, as they all struggle for power against each other and nevertheless agree in some points, the truth must lay in there. However, as they are all parties of deception, it is the biggest lies that lay in that convergence points, which the media make “national”.

Two lies that appear to be the truth

The first national lie is that we’ve gone bankrupt due to theft.

Indeed, many crafty people with connections, numerous impudent tax evaders, a lot of corrupt bureaucrats and the political expressors of the above have looted the country. It is also true that theft includes waste, violence and over-exploitation. But it cannot lead a country to bankruptcy alone. China, e.g., is most corrupt than Greece, but her biggest thiefs, that is her high-rank party cadres, turn the greatest part of the stolen goods into productive capital. This happens because the stolen capital, such as every capital, is more quickly accumulated by productively exploitating the labor force than by being kept in foreign banks or – even less – by turning into individual consumption. This is one reason why China has accumulated a vast productive surplus. Greece, on the contrary, has accumulated a vast external debt, because her productive machine could neither feed her honest workers, nor produce what her thiefs consumed. So the country’s imports equaled multiple times the exports, and thus the state lived on borrowed money. This production deficit is rooted in that some very narrow dominant parties cliques have been sabotaging modern production for the last 30 years. This has been done by Papandreou Sr and Jr, Simitis and Karamanlis II, in cooperation with the leaderships of pseudo-CPG[1] and SYN-DIMAR[2] parties. They have all of them crashed every large industrial and tourist investment, as well as research and development with the help of municipal authorities, urban planning authorities, forest inspection, antiquities inspection, their bullying party students-gangs at the Universities, and especially the State Council tribunal[3] through environmental inexistent pretexts. Their goal has been the destruction of every enterprise of native or western ownership and the development of only one type of big capital, the one of the state-oligarchs that are bound to Russia (Bobolas, Kokkalis, Mytilinaios, Vgenopoulos, Germanos), while they have swelled every sort of Eastern-type bureaucratic and middle-small locust in the towns and the countryside which also form the social base of pro-russian political parties in Greece. At the same time, the pseudo-CPG, SYN and their non-parliamentary petit-bourgeois underlings destroyed the only class that could resist that degradation, that is, the working class, which has been organizationally and politically subjugated to the very highly rewarded personnel (the bureaucratic working aristocracy) of the state owned enterprises. It is all those that led the country to bankruptcy and offered it to the memoranda of the money-lenders, while the most active in the sabotage appear to be the leaders of the self proclaimed anti-imperialist “resistance”.

The second national lie is that the big destruction hasn’t been caused by the bankruptcy itself but by the memorandun, imposed by Germany so as to supposedly reduce Greece to utter poverty and subjugate it. This is the “theory” of the “new German occupation”, more overtly propagated by the most pro-Russian parties, which are the pseudo-leftist pseudo-CPG, SYN and ANTARSYA and the classical fascist LAOS and nazi CHRYSI AVGI. As to their views, Germany, by cutting down on salaries and augmenting taxation, has reduced consumption, and as a result, the enterprises were closed down, unemployment rose, the jobs have become even less until everything productive goes completely extinguished. It is true that all such bail-out policies of the international money-lenders reduce the masses of each over-indebted country to utter poverty, and as such they hit the domestic market. However, this policy of austerity for the masses favors the capitalists that produce for the international market, and that boosts the exports and replaces a part of the imports of the bankrupted country. On the other hand, the fall in domestic consumption reduces the imports and thus the current account deficit and also the public deficit become smaller. So, through big sufferings, the indebted country begins someday paying back its debt. But in Greece, it was not only the salaried labor, but also the whole productive capital, along with the exporting one, that was hit, so the debt grew rapidly (so much so that almost all foreign money-lenders lost a great part of their lent sums through PSI). The political cause of this phenomenon is that the dominant political parties have intensified the sabotage in production during the crisis, instead of reducing it. That is, during the last two years of hunger and unemployment, those criminals have cancelled industrial projects of tens of billions worth, such as the all-valuable lignite pits and renewable energy projects, they have stopped the ESPA [4] program, cancelled the diversion of Acheloos river, stopped the construction of highways basically through the “No pay” movement (which only left Attica, Moreas, and Rio-Antirio roads untouched, that is, the roads exploited by Bobolas). Besides, they have cancelled big industrial investments, such as the 3 gold mines, Kavala glass industry, Prinos oilfield, zeolite etc., they kept on sabbotaging the oil research, they have cancelled giant touristic projects of tens of billions worth through the State Council.

Also instead of reducing taxation over industries, they have augmented it towards an unprecedented level, and also through overtaxation of the real estate property thus crashing the locomotive of industry, which is construction, while they have raised the electricity bills, even for highly energy-consumming industries (with the exception of Mytilinaios’ one, having being offered tens of millions of Euros). Simultaneously, they have been offering some of the economically weak plants to the PAME[5] organization, so that it finishes them with the provocative “no firings, no reduction of labor hours” slogan, with which they trapped the workers of the steel industry (later also by violence) and of Coca-Cola, where they managed to close down two of its plants. Besides, they have used the bullies of pseudo-CPG, acclaimed as the high state police authority, so as to sabotage the island tourism and the cruise (by blocking the ships in Pireaus and also the Athens airport) while, under the auspices of SYN, they offered the center of Athens to the regimal pseudo-anarchic lumpen, thus finishing off tourism.

That is why the current account deficit keeps raising no matter how low the wages have gone. But the pro-Russians can easily direct the more and more intense hatred of the Greek people against Germany, as the latter willingly takes over the political responsibility to impose them lower and lower living conditions and the strangling of the domestic market, while the pro-Russians in the government (Venizelos, Samaras) pretend that they are compelled to succumb to the German pressure and vote for the EU memoranda otherwise the country will go openly bankrupt. The chief responsibility of Germany is that, with the view to saving Euro with the least losses for herself, she tries to administer our country by an interventionistic imperialistic way. The sole democratic wayout for the whole EU and also for Greece would be that Greece negotiated a friendly withdrawal for some years from Euro with the Eurozone countries (but staying inside EU), with some significant transitional facilities, so that our people would suffer less. By this withdrawal the greek people could also settle their accounts with the governing provocateurs without the latter being able to hide themselves behind the EU anymore. Then everbody would see the real new Russian boss coming.

The political boss coming is not Germany but Russia

It was Russia that bought the relatively bigger stake of Piraeus bank dirt cheap, it is her that is now claiming Marfin bank, and has been entering the gas pipe-lines deeper and deeper, and appears in good position for entering DEPA (Public Gas Corporation) and DESFA (Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator). It is also Russia’s friend, China, that dominates the renewable energy and Russia that has been exploiting the over-taxation of land so as to buy cheap touristic land on the islands and Chalkidiki. On the contrary, Germany has been driven out from the solar energy, the “Helios” program, and every request she makes for new investments is toppled by the governments while her exports to Greece have been reduced.

The political boss of the country couldn’t be a Germany that is critisized with such willing convenience by the Heads of State, the party leaders, the Archbishops and the whole media, but Russia, praised by all authorities and whose friends exercise unhindered political violence in the country. This is the fascist violence that has been more and more excercised by SYN, pseudo-CPG and all type of neo-fascists for the sake of the people who are supposedly driven to hunger by the West, while actually it’s the East above all that has been driving them to poverty.

That’s why the red-brown bullies freely organize, under the political and trade-union cover of the parties, jeering of MPs, they disrupt political gatherings, they cancel the elections at Universities, burst into ministries, shut down factory gates without the consent of the workers, interrupt the transport circulation, and they went so far as to shut the mouth of an artist, the singer Dalaras. That’s why the political regime has been unanimously pushing through the most shameful post-war political phenomenon in Europe: the entrance to the parliament of the “Chryssi Avgi” (Golden Dawn) overt nazis – III Reich praisers, because they are fanatically pro-Russians.That’s why PAME (pseudo-CPG) greeted them as supporters at the steel mill (and after the outcry said that they didn’t realize they were nazis) and SYN placed them inside the “No pay” movement in Katerini. That’s why the church blesses them through the bishops of Piraeus and Mesogaia. All of the above seem to have been in due course, considering that on October 28, 2011, when SYN and other fascists disrupted the parades of the Greek army in the whole Greece, they only allowed one to proceed normally: the parade of the Russian army force in Alexandroupoli.

We call upon the Greek people to resist by counterposing their own wide democratic and patriotic front against this black inter-party front that brings about hunger, the most barbarous fascism and the deepest colonial subjugation of our country.

Athens, 3/20/2012

[1] The so called CPG (for us the pseudo-CPG) : The pro-Russian social-fascist parliamentary party that replaced the old heroic Communist Party of Greece, after its dissolution by the Khrushchev revisionists and their greek acolytes in 1958. The leader of the heroic CPG N. Zachariadis was assassinated by the Brezhnev regime in Siberia in 1973 where he was exiled in 1962 and held in custody in total isolation for 11 years.

[2] SYN: Party coming from a split of CPG in 1990. DIMAR: Party coming from a split of SYN in 2010. Politically these two openly pro-russian Parties, who also present themselves to be pro-EU, are “democratic” transformations of the pseudo-CPG, especially the second one, so as to appeal to the petit-bourgeois masses and thus manage to enter a coalition government.

[3] The Supreme Administrative Court, responsible for the most systematic annulment of almost all big productive investments and finally of the dismantling of industry in Greece. It was formerly headed by a political friend of pseudo-CPG and ex friend of the ’67-’74 dictatorship, M. Dekleris. The political influence of SYN, DIMAR and “GREEN” tendencies of PASOK inside it, is also dominant.

[4] National Strategic Reference Framework, program financed by EU.

[5] It is the trade-union brand of the pseudo-CPG, active in industries of western and native interests. PAME is actually a tool for industrial sabotage, as it poses its absolute “not at all firings, not at all reduction of the labor hours” rule (that is without taking the bad or good financial situation of the enterprises into account, and very often through the exercise of fascist violence against the majority of the workers of a plant who disagree with their methods) as a pretext for damaging industrial production and tourism and closing down enterprises, especially big industrial ones.