[Hundreds of millions of migrants worldwide, driven and displaced from their homelands by brutal repression, hunger, trafficking, and other crushing forms of oppression, are major parts of the exploited workforces in their new homes, where they continue to suffer racist and xenophobic attacks, brutalities, and exclusions in new conditions.  Historically, the struggle against such conditions has been framed by resistance to the oppressive treatment of migrants, by solidarity among migrants of different origins, and by steadfast support for the struggles in their homelands.  But, in time, these migrants have brought their anger and resistance–and their experience in struggle–into the peoples movements and class struggles in their new lands of residence, where they play an ever increasing role as transnationals in raising the banners of resistance, internationalism, and revolution.  Now, in Canada, an organized group of Filipino-Canadians, has announced their unity with a Maoist Canadian Party, the PCR-RCP (not to be confused with the RCP-USA which has no organizational or political commonality with the Canadian group).
    We are not able to assess other aspects of the Filipino-Canadian group, or of the PCR-RCP at this time; but we think this announcement is a potentially important development and crosssing of a threshold, in the relations between migrants and working class forces–not only in Canada, but in every country where significant migrant forces endure exploitation and oppression, and whose resistance is reshaping the class struggle to reshape the world in revolutionary and internationalist ways. — Frontlines ed.]

Filipino Canadian Proletarians Join Forces With the PCR-RCP!
Partisan #25 • August 24, 2012 

We, the Filipino Canadian Proletarian Committee of Cote-des-Neiges,
Montréal have announced our intention to add our forces to the
growing strength of the Parti Communiste Révolutionnaire –
Revolutionary Communist Party (Canada). The leadership and contributions
of the PCR-RCP are to be found in the building of the proletarian
movement that is needed in Canada and the necessary international
communist movement and it is with revolutionary pride and social
responsibility to the Canadian working class that Filipino Canadian
proletarians based in the west end of Montréal join the dynamism of
their Marxist-Leninist-Maoist comrades.

Since the 1970s there has been a rich revolutionary movement among the
Filipino Canadian proletariat, largely because of the solidarity built
around the struggle against Marcos’ dictatorship in the Philippines.
Through the 1980s and 1990s and early 2000s support and solidarity work
by Filipino Canadian comrades continued for the Philippine revolutionary
movement. As the consciousness of Filipino Canadian proletariat
continued to be raised about the struggle “back home” there was
a growing need to resolve the issues of the Filipino Canadian people as
part of Canadian working class.

Mass organizing with the anti-imperialist and working class perspective
has garnered a wealth of experience in organizing Filipino Canadians in
Québec among the various sectors of youth, women, workers and
cultural artists is a large source of the capacity building and
education of the Filipino Canadian comrades from Montréal. We are
still a dynamic group composed of the different sectors with strong
links to the mass base of Filipino Canadians in Montréal. Solidarity
and unity with other progressive immigrant organizations, migrant
justice groups, anti-racist collectives and feminist allies continue to
be the strong foundation of our on-going struggle and commitment for a
socialist society towards communism.

In 2012 the Filipino Canadian Proletarian Committee of Cote-des-Neiges
was formed, shaped by the experience of comrades surrounding the issues
of systemic racism, patriarchy, political repression and
anti-imperialism. With the coordination between the Filipino Canadian
Proletarian Committee of Cote-des-Neiges and the PCR-RCP for the
mobilization of May Day in Montréal coupled with initiatives
surrounding the Québec student uprising, the decision was made to
join the PCR-RCP.

The red flags have been raised and commitment to the proletarian
struggle and education as well as to the Canadian and international
working class has been rendered!

Let’s march forward together towards the proletarian movement that
is much needed in Canada!

Towards stronger internationalist communist solidarity!

Long live the PCR-RCP (Canada)!